User Experience (UX) Course

Why should you take this training?

Great User experience (UX) reduces cost & manpower, increase sales and less support.
Knowing theory online is not enough, we need hands on workshop, here students will be exposed to tactics and strategy to advance in competing against other competitors. May it for landing jobs or improving businesses.

What will you gain from this training?

Knowing what tools to use and how to deliver a good UX.
Learning the skills to execute user testing, user research, information strategy and visual design. In the end participants would be able to increase ROI, avoid losing customers, reduce complaints, reduce and increase online purchases by improving UX.

1. Getting Started & Overview

Participants will be exposed to case studies, best practices & great actionable tactics.

2. User Stories & Persona.

Identifying the users or customers, what their needs, and why they need it.

3. Creating User Flow, Journeys Maps, Sitemaps & Card Sorting.

Create your user's flow based on the scenarios you created, using it later to review the journey.

4. Sketching & Wire-framing with Adobe XD.

Learn how to use Adobe XD design tools to develop wireframes and sitemaps.

Participants will add some details and structure to your ideas, using reusable patterns and create pages on top of their user flows.

5. Clickable Prototyping.

Prototyping time! Partipants can start creating more than one prototypes and continuously iterate to more functional ones. Using sketches, clickable digital sketches or static images, getting it ready for some people to test.

6. How to organize User Testing and data gathering.

Participants will conduct user testing with their prototypes, each groups will test each others prototypes while taking surveys, recording, observe and fixing. This is where they learn how to use user testing tools, analyze and gather data.

7. Mockups & design with Sketchapp, delivery for programming Zeplin.

Participants learn how to find inspirations and design resources. Get dirty on how to use colours and font sizes properly that would influenced contents, culture and layout that you use. Something like icons and images, these small changes can bring huge improvements. The best visual hierarchies lead users to take the action confidently.


Mac Jake

Tech Project Manager for one of Malaysia state government. Founder at specialize in co-working space software and Internet of Things (IoT).
Sold my first software to a bank. Currently a User Experience (UX) consultant, with a background in e-commerce, fintech & design industry.

Teng Lim

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (School of Film and Television) major in Cinematography and Lighting graduate. Experience working in Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.K. and Malaysia, producing short films, branding videos and conceptual dance videos. Previously worked with Reservoir World Productions as a project coordinator. Co-founded her first startup in 2016 and sold it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the workshop?

Training days can be arrange at any day, preferable Saturday & Sunday.

How much is the fee

2000 MYR per person.
2 days training.

When can I join the next session?

We usually will arrange a date just for you and your team. You may also join other group session if the date coinvenient for you to attend.

Is this course a group or individual

Available for groups, companies and also individual with one on one session.

Do you have certificate and HRDF claimable

We do not have HRDF, however we can arrange hardcopy and online certificate.

What do I need to bring

Just laptop for individual, for companies at own space, you may prepare plenty of sticky notes, markers and big white papers.

Do you have any other courses

Yes, web design and mobile app design here.

Who will conduct the training?

Mr Mac Jake.

I'm alone, may I join other group session.

Yes you may, we will arrange the date or you may need to follow other group date.

“I think one of the biggest levers for a growth hacker is improving the user experience… at the root of sustainable growth is delivering a valuable experience. A valuable experience is what leads to retention. Without retention, there is no growth.”

Sean Ellis ,creator of the “growth hacking” school of thought

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